About Me
ColorMeDavid Design's portfolio for David Chiang, a graphic designer from Sacramento, CA.
graphic design, website design, portfolio, colormedavid design
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about me

I’ve been working professionally as a designer in print and digital media for 20 years.


For almost a decade, I worked for Tower Records’ national marketing department. First as senior graphic designer, then in the later years – I also took on the duties of co-managing the art department. I maintained Tower Records’ branding standards, designed print ads & marketing materials for stores nationwide, and worked with in-house & outside print shops.


For the next decade, I was the graphic designer & digital director for Lee Marketing & Advertising Group – a marketing agency located in Sacramento, California with diverse clients. I’ve done design work in print and digital media, web development projects with focus on WordPress website design, hosting and management.


I am a designer with high standards and strong work ethic.



Photo of me by Princess Guzman – Mahalo, Princess 🙂